"Genuinely fun and affirms that Suddarth is a budding talent with range."- Vanguard Seattle


We always seem to sing louder, dance harder, and dream bigger when we find the chance to steal ourselves away from the world—even if just for a moment.  This work, "Duet," is a solo, deviating from its title as it is created for one man.  He begins, charging out of the wings and dancing a flurry of steps; it’s almost as if he has shut the door to his room and put his favorite music—not a soul is watching.  He pauses only for a moment when he discovers an intriguing new companion... a tennis ball.  Although initially apprehensive, he warms up, tremendously enjoying the latest game.  Eventually he finds himself ready to move on; he attempts to discard the ball, only to realize that his new toy may not yet be finished with him.  Set to music by Prokofiev, the work is a lighthearted expression of the limitlessness of our own imaginations.   



Premiere: Pacific Northwest Ballet's Next Step Performance June 12, 2015

Music: Sergei Prokofiev

Costume Design: Larae Hascall

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli