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"The season’s final mixed bill promises intriguing variety. Balanchine’s resplendent Themes & Variations represents the height of classical purity and elegance, while his zesty Tarantellapas de deux dazzles with virtuoso fun. In Jose Limon’s masterpiece, The Moor’s Pavane—a reduction of Shakespeare’s Othello—riveting characterizations cast a powerful spell. The line-up is joined by the return of our own Price Suddarth’s electric Signature."

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The Seattle Times-

"More compelling is “Signature,” by PNB corps member Price Suddarth. Set to a score by local composer Barret Anspach that appealingly channels both Vivaldi and Philip Glass, the dance, framed by low-hung beams of light, is the kind you get lost in. What remains: a gorgeous image of two pairs of dancers whirling, as if figures dangling from a string; a flurry of windmilling arms; an intriguing study of how two dancers can perform the same moves and yet seem utterly different; and a desire to see more of Suddarth’s work — soon."

Seattle Dances-

"Suddarth’s Signature set a dark tone, enhanced by Barret Anspach’s music, as well as Chiarelli’s dramatic lighting, which brought the lighting instruments onstage over the dancers’ heads. Suddarth shows promise as a choreographer interested in investigating ballet vocabulary, especially in the realm of partnering. Overall, Signature is a very physical piece whose choreography reached through the body and traveled the stage, but moments of stillness and smaller movements provided a welcome balance...Suddarth’s approach, for this piece anyway, more explicitly explored the shifting relationships between dancers. The fifteen person cast felt connected as one organism." 



City Arts

"People were blown away. For such a young choreographer to craft such a powerful work is a rare and exciting thing. In contrast to the fragile, pink-swathed ballerina stereotype, the women in this piece were fierce—clad in navy blue leotards and pointe shoes with no tights that showed off their toned legs—and highlighted the strength and athleticism of ballet. The men were impressive as well, but the women really stood out. Powerful kicks, perfectly synchronized ensemble work, skilled technical executions and creative lifts added up to some of the most passionate dance I’ve seen this year."


Seattle Art News

"Suddarth’s breathtakingly beautiful duet received a well-deserved standing ovation... He used the repeating strains to develop the pair’s movements, balancing moments of intimacy, contact and control with delicate exchanges between the dancers where contact is refused or playfully avoided. —truly a beautiful work from an exceptionally promising young artist."