"The dance, framed by low-hung beams of light, is the kind you get lost in."- The Seattle Times

"For such a young choreographer to craft such a powerful work is a rare and exciting thing." - CityArts


A question all of us have asked ourselves at one time or another:  as a dancer, what makes my performance worth watching; as a musician, what makes my melody worth hearing; as a writer, what makes my script worth reading; as a choreographer, what makes my movement worth repeating? When approched with the unparalleled opportunity to create something on an extraordinary company of remarkable individuals Suddarth felt it his responsibility to identify what attribute or skill he might offer that could set his work apart.  The inner dialogue of the “why me?” arose.

The ultimate discovery?  Nothing.  No thing sets us apart.  It’s not about what we can do or what we possess—that possible “it” factor; there will always be someone else out there who is stronger, faster, better.  Instead, the most beautiful thing about each individual is just that—we are individual.  The most beautiful thing we each have to offer is that we are 100% irreplaceable, distinctively singular, and utterly unmatched.  Signature celebrates this notion—the idea of the nothing that is inimitable, the nothing that makes each individual matchless.


Premiere: Pacific Northwest Ballet November 6, 2015

Music: Barret Anspach, Antonio Vivaldi

Costume Design: Mark Zappone

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli